The subtle significance of Photo Editing

Editing photos to me seems almost more like a requirement than an option. Even though cameras are getting better and better at capturing what we see, our eyes can just see so much more than cameras ever can. Photo editing is my way of trying to match what I know my eyes see in a moment, and what I know my camera didn’t quite capture. Photo editing should be very subtle, and almost unnoticeable. To me, it should be a magnification of what was captured. For instance, making brights brighter, making sure if shadows are hiding something awesome, you should be able to see it, making colors more vibrant, warms warmer, cools colder, etc. Very rarely will I ever just start adding in color or effects that I don’t believe I saw. But of course you can just do whatever the heck you feel like haha. Anyways, here are two examples of what I mean. Photos are worth a thousand words as they say, so here are four!

BEFOREFullSizeRender 8

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IMG_3101 (1)



Stress is Caused by Giving a Damn

Don’t stress yourself out, just download the wallpaper. It’s also kind of intuitive. I mean I guess. There are two to download, one for your lock screen and one for your home screen. People who do give a damn are 64% more successful in life. That’s an accurate statistic I made up.

                                           IMG_5537       IMG_5536

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Winter in Oregon


Enjoy these wonderful winter-y wallpapers! I like alliteration.

1-640x1136             3-640x1136             2-640x1136

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S.T.A.Y. – A Piece Inspired by the Music from the Film “Interstellar”

More FREE Phone Wallpapers

I LOVE the movie “Interstellar”. And I also love the soundtrack! Hans Zimmer did an amazing job. And I was listening to it one night and decided to draw the word “Stay”.It’s a recurring word in the movie that holds a significant meaning. It’s also on the soundtrack twice. I also decided to put it on top of a photo I took during the recent Perseids Meteor Shower, and if you saw my last post, it’s one of the wallpapers! Ha! Anywayyssssssss. I made a thing. It’s free. You’re welcome.


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Perseids / Milky Way Wallpapers

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This past week the Perseids meteor shower passed by and it was spectacular! I went to Sparks Lake, outside of Bend, Oregon and was also able to capture the Milky Way! Here are some photos I took. Feel free to download as many as you like, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! (P.S. The desktop ones are kinda grainy. Sorry my equipment is cheap! Haha)

The Night is Darkest Just Before the Dawn


This is a hand-lettered piece I did recently, and I loved it so much I made some wallpapers! If you’d like to download them, they’re free! Just click below! For Android users, sorry, but I only made screen sizes for iPhones. I don’t discriminate, there are just too many Android phones out there to get all those screen sizes!

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The Importance of Serifs

Whether you are enthralled by letters, or it would be impossible for you to hate them any more, any designer knows typography is essential to good design. This post is meant to show the importance of serifs, and how they can invoke feelings, denote eras, themes, or genres, and how you can use this to your advantage and make something truly wonderful!

First off, serifs are the tiny little points on letters. For those of you who are more visual, this should explain it better.


There are millions of fonts, and each should, can, and sometimes isn’t used for a specific purpose. If you have a friend that’s a designer, you probably already know their most hated font of all time is comic sans. I won’t go into that, but even comic sans was created for a purpose, and each letter helps to create a bigger picture and fit into the finished masterpiece of whatever its a part of. Here are some examples that inspired me to post this.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 1.58.48 PMThis is a piece made for John Mayer’s Born and Raised album. This work is simply amazing, and I am always humbled seeing this man’s work, because it’s just so spectacular. These letters specifically, and David’s work in general looks like something out of the Victorian era. This feeling and look is shown through the serifs on the letters. They are more of flourishes than serifs really, but that specific detail is what creates the whole look. More can be found here //

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.36.17 PMThis is piece is by someone I follow on Instagram that has been a huge inspiration to me named Michael Brunt. More work can be found here // // This is one piece that looks like something from the 1920’s, specifically in the Prohibition era. n8495

The texture also adds a vintage touch, but the serifs and letters tell more of the story. There is also a wide range of themes and genres that can come from the thickness of each serif. In this case, each serif is not very tall, but it’s thick and rounded. It is similar to Copperplate. If you go tall, long, and pointy on the serifs, it can start looking like Times New Roman, or Goudy, and can give the text an old fashioned, but classy look.


Today, there are so many different kinds of serifs, and most of them have an old-time feel. If you wanted something more modern, it was easier to use a sans-serif font, which is a font without serifs. But more recently, there has been a huge boom in a new kind of serif that I really enjoy! They’re called slab-serifs, and they look kind of like this: Letro-Font-modern-slab-serif-font-by-HypeForType-43657Where regular serifs should be, there are thick rectangles. It gives letters a modern, new-age feel, and I love them! They’re the one serif exception that can be used in modern designs, and gives the letters weight, but also the little flare that regular serifs add to letters.