Propaganda Poster

I recently got inspiration to make a poster that I wanted to convey deep meaning. I wanted to make it a propaganda themed piece, because I feel like people really resonate well with them. It’s just something about those posters admitting the hard truth within them that really convict people. Recently, I went overseas to South Asia. I won’t bore you and say that it was “life changing” (although it was). It made me sad seeing how poor people were there, and how they had to live. It then made me angry coming to America, where everywhere we’re told that we’re entitled to this or that. Our whole culture says that if you don’t have the best house and the best family and the best car, you’re not ok. It seeps into our mind through our culture. All of the commercials we hear say “you had a hard day at work, YOU DESERVE BETTER INTERNET. YOU DESERVE TO HAVE A BETTER EASIER LIFE.” But we don’t deserve anything. At the same time, people are starving, and don’t even have enough to feed their children. But rather than give even $5, which could feed a whole family, we need BETTER internet. This poster I feel conveys this harsh resistance toward a selfish culture that only cares about having BETTER things.

On the design side of things, I love making propaganda posters. They’re so fun, and all the elements you include are fun to play with. If you are thinking of making one, here are some elements you should include: Stars, Arrows, Light streaks, Patterns. Look around at some other propaganda posters, and pick up some other elements as well, like the circles, and the small icons I have above the hands. (The hands also!) And one of the most important things is the color palette. Red, cream, and black are the essentials. You should import or use a similar poster and use the colors from there, that way you don’t have to guess at colors.

India Propaganda -01


Internal and External Camera Effects

In a previous class I took, we had to use some photoshop on the picture, but before that, we had to add a texture/effect to our photos before we took it to the computer! This was actually really challenging, but now that I’ve had some experience and know a little more, I try to find ways to do this all the time, and sometimes it can produce really cool effects!

First, what the heck am I talking about? Our professor said that we needed to make some kind of an effect from an environmental object or some other means. Some examples he gave us were shooting through dusty windows or glass cups, or throwing glitter in front of your shot. I ended up taking a plastic bag and putting it in front of my camera. I also went into this project wanting to have a cool theme to it, because I think straight portraits are kinda boring. (Don’t burn me at the stake portrait photographers! #Respect) Anyways, I wanted to give it a vampire theme. And the bag in front of the camera put some cool spots on the camera. I love pictures, and don’t think I could ever read as much text as I wrote without giving my mind some rest. So yea. Here are the results.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.15.28 AM

Then afterwards we had to go shoot pictures of objects in the environment like trees, concrete and glass to get textures we could use to add additional effects to our photos. I thought I’d share some photo work, because when I think of myself as a graphic designer, I never really include photography. In some instances, I don’t think you have to, but lately I’ve been immersing myself pretty deeply in the medium of photography, with getting my own camera and all, and I thought this was something noteworthy that could expand the boundaries of what people typically think of when they think about photography. Not stuff like this. I hate stuff like this.



Seriously? This doesn’t need to exist.


Yet Another Hand Made Type Piece

For the last month, I’ve been going crazy with drawing typographic quotes and other pieces. But crazy in a good way. I have loved growing in this medium, and being challenged by others who are way better than me! I wanted to share some of my process, and give some tips to others who want to try it! Hopefully I don’t condescend to anyone who is better at this than I am!


Inspiration is key in anything! You need to know what you want to do before you do it! At least, I think that’s the best way to make something good! I don’t really understand my inspiration process. Seriously, you’re not going to believe this. I think up and picture things in my head, and then I draw them. How I get inspiration is rarely from places normal people usually get inspiration. Someone recently told me “good artists borrow, but great artists steal.” How true is this? I’ll let you hash out the details. Please don’t plagiarize, but I get my best inspiration from other artists! Find someone whose work you really admire, or whose is very different from yours, and then study it, and think of things you like, and transfer the technique with your style embedded! I usually look at other artists’ work, and then remember something that happened recently  that I really enjoyed, or something that was said that sparks a new original idea in my mind.


I feel the best process is to start where you can “wreck small,” as another friend of mine said. I think it’s better for trees, and better in general to start brainstorming or start sketching in pencil. Then you can go over it in pen or whatnot. After that, a simple picture helps to transfer the image on the computer.

 So, I wanted to show something I’m working on!

 photo 2    photo 3

I started with this phrase, because it is something I have ben thinking about for a while recently. We say it a lot, but I don’t think we’ll ever fully grasp it. I also got the font idea from someone else’s work. It is similar, but I put my own twist on it.


Then I started with a thin pencil sketch, so I could see how the letters and flairs fit together. Then I added some weight to it, and added finishing touches. Then, from this, I send the picture to Adobe Illustrator for some fine tuning! Sometimes I use image trace to do a quick outline, but I would much rather take the pen tool and outline it, because I feel like you can get much better results this way. Anyways, after that, I find a photo I really like, and boom, it goes on top. If you don’t have Illustrator, you can use Photoshop. I just prefer Illustrator because I feel it’s easier to use. But if you have neither, you can download a FREE 30-day trial! *Score*

So here is the finished piece! Pen-tooled out for about 2 hours, but I really like the finished product. Also, I really liked the picture in the back. I took it on the way to a few lakes I was exploring with friends in Central Oregon. Mt. Bachelor is beautiful!

Saved By Grace-01

Golden Age Poster

Recently, I’ve been missing just creating things for fun, and doing them the way I want. Getting work from clients is great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s never “me.” So I got inspiration to do a poster (because they’re my favorites) that captured, or tries to capture the essence of America’s “Golden Age,” the 1920’s. Every time period has some incident where everything was just bad. Crime, drugs, wars, segregation, you name it, in about every era, something has been wrong. People think the 1920’s and the 1950’s were the greatest times due only to propaganda at the time, trying to lower enemy morale, trying to make them believe we were doing well through the war, and boost our morale by telling our people everything was going great, when it clearly was not. Anyways, I wanted to try and capture the good vibes from the 1920’s, minus the war, crime, prostitution and prohibition rioting that was going on at the time. I wanted to capture a “feel-good Los Angeles,” at the top of it’s vibrance, where neon, films, and some of the coolest cars had just been invented. Here’s a sneak peek of where I am so far, with all of the other work I’ve been busy on.



A quick thing to note, I wanted to try and get a nice glow on the spotlights and the city. How this was achieved you’ll never guess! I tried an outer glow, but nothing was showing up on the dark background. I tried playing with opacity effects settings, and realized one of them showed up really well, but it was showing up purple! Instantly I knew, if I changed it to purple, it would show up yellow! Yup, what you’re looking at is a city with a purple glow around it. Another thing to note, I’m really proud of the chrome look on the letters. I had them just goldenrod yellow, but it didn’t show very well, so I wanted to change it, but didn’t know what else to do. I stirred on it, and kept passing this certain billboard for the band Chromeo. Obviously, their name is chrome. Boom. I knew a gradient could produce the same chrome look, and I quite like the results. 

ImageThe poster isn’t quite done. I wanted an old time mobster to be right in the center. You know, the kind with the white suit? The swanky jazz man that had a tommy gun in his hand and a cigar in his mouth at ALL TIMES? Yea, that guy. Anyways, it’s taking a little longer than I thought to pen tool him out, but I’ll do it eventually. Keep checking back and it may be up!

The start of Creative Revolution


Earlier in 2014, I decided to start something. I don’t exactly know what, but I started it, and I’m going to keep trying to add to it and grow it, and hopefully, in time it will grow into a business. The logo you see above is the logo for it. It has a C and an R in it, both my initials, and the initials of Creative Revolution. (See if you can find them!) I decided I wanted a symbolic take on my creative abilities. So that people would see this enigma making them, not just a person. As cliché as it may seem, Batman was onto something. There’s something about an entity rather than a person that has more influence. This was the goal. Anywhere you see this symbol, you’ll know it’s me. And most likely following, there will be some design.

I got the inspiration for the logo from a favorite band of mine: The Devil Wears Prada. They recently created a logo that is unrelated to anything, yet they have made it a trademark. I wanted to do something similar, so I literally just started drawing shapes, and this one looked cool. Then I realized I could make out letters, and it kinda stuck. I’ve been thinking and brainstorming a lot more ideas since then, so it may change, but for now it’s here to stay.


I also ran into the problem of creating an actual company and brand, because realistically, that costs a crap ton of money, and I’m still in college. I’m keeping this on the down low, and then once I have the resources, I plan on taking this brand somewhere. (Hopefully not into the ground!)